The following rules apply to competitive play at Fresno Indoor Soccer:

1.        The offside rule is not in effect.
2.        On the large field, teams will consist of 5 field players and 1 goalkeeper. On the small field, teams will consist
of 4 field players and 1 goalie. (For the Men’s Open league on the small field, teams will consist of 3 field players
and 1 goalkeeper.)
3.        The ball may travel forward or backward on the kick-off.
4.        No slide tackles.
5.        All free kicks are direct.
6.        All restarts are to be played within 5 seconds at the ball being set.
7.        Encroachment—players standing within 5 feet of the ball on a free kick must NOT MOVE TOWARDS THE
BALL. If a player moves towards the ball, a 2-minute penalty will result.
8.        Any player standing directly in front of a free kick may receive 2 minutes for delay of game. All defending
players must immediately move at least 5 feet away from the spot of the foul or may receive a Blue Card. Any
intentional delay of game may result in a Blue card.
9.        If ball gets jammed between 2 players or the walls, a drop ball may be called.
10.        Minimum number of players to start a game is 4.
11.        Teams with only 5 players (only as the result of blue, yellow or red card) are not subject to the 3 line
violation. Teams with 5 players, as the result of a team not having enough players, are still subject to 3 line violation.
12.        Three-line violation—if the ball is played, IN THE AIR, over all 3 white lines, without touching another player
or a wall, a free-kick will be awarded from where the ball crossed the defensive white line.
13.        Intentionally kicking the ball at the ceiling will result in a yellow card.
14.        Out of bounds—the ball is to be placed 2 feet from the wall and played within 5 seconds.
15.        BLUE CARD—2-minute penalty, the offending team will play down one man until the opposing team scores
or 2 minutes elapses from the game clock. If a goalkeeper receives a blue card, any field player may serve the
16.        YELLOW CARD—a yellow card will result in a two-minute penalty regardless of any goals scored. The
offender must serve his own penalty including the goalkeeper.
17.        RED CARD—any player receiving a red card is ejected from the game, (the offending team will play down
one man), and is suspended for the next game. Red-carded players may be asked to leave the arena prior to
continuation of the game (referee and F.I.S. management discretion). Players receiving 3 two-minute penalties, two
yellow cards will be ejected and subjected to a one-game suspension or more.
18.        Substitutions are on the fly. Oncoming player must wait for the outgoing player to be out of play. Extra
players on the field may result in a 2-minute penalty.
19.        GOALKEEPER RULES—Goalkeepers may use their hands only within the penalty area. The goalkeeper
may not use his hands when a ball is played back to them by his own team (Passing the ball off the wall does not
nullify this rule). The goalkeeper may not use his hands after bringing the ball into the penalty box himself. The
goalkeeper must release the ball within 5 seconds. The goalkeeper may only use his hands once per touch by the
opposing team.  For above goalkeeper violations, the ball will be placed at the Penalty spot with defending team
allowed to set up a wall. The goalkeeper must stay on his feet outside the penalty box. The goalkeeper may not
throw the ball directly into the opposing team’s net.
20.        Penalty kicks will only be awarded for any violations occurring within the penalty box. (Exceptions are goal
keeper rules, Rule 18). Kicker may take only one step before striking the ball.
21.        COED RULES -- There is a maximum of three guys on the field at any one time. (3 guys, 2 girls and one
goalkeeper) If a team is short guys, then they can play with extra girls, but if they are short girls, they cannot play
with extra guys.
22.        MACHO_RULE -- The men cannot intimidate the women through physical play or hard shots (referee’s
discretion). A Blue/Yellow Card maybe issued for 1st violation.
23.        Referee may stop the game clock in the last 2 minutes of the game after a goal is scored.
24.        Acts of violence against other players or referees may result in permanent suspension from FIS facilities.
Rules of Play for the Large field